3 Things To Know About High-Dynamic Range Rendering

Virtual reality is what has the market today. Everywhere you turn, you are sure to see one or two virtual reality gaming centers or VR headsets, etc. technology has improved to such an extent that people can experience this virtual reality even in their homes, by just using their phones and the specific VR headsets for them.

HDR – High Dynamic Range rendering is what makes this VR possible. HDR increases the realistic feel of the images and the videos, as a result, the user is immersed more into this virtual world before he loses himself to it and forgets the real world. After the game is done, the player is left with such an experience that is bound to stay fresh in his mind for quite some time.

Here are 3 important things one must know about HDR if they are planning to use this in their profession:

  1. Lighting is extremely important. As long as the light sources used are good and close to real-time lighting, the output will be more realistic. I used a melbourne 3d company and my project video looks like it has been shot in real time. This is because they paid attention to the color space and adjusted the light sources accordingly.
  2. The natural environment has a number of textures and materials and these have to be incorporated into the 3D render as well. If the render is free of such textures or materials, one can easily make out the graphics involved, thus reducing the effectiveness of the 3D rendering.
  3. Checking you final 3D images against a number of state of the art tone mapping operators will help you achieve a result that is very close to reality. The more realistic it looks, the more successful your output it. Tone mapping operators help in retaining the perceptual reality of the human visual system, thus making it more realistic.

How Magnetic Systems are being used in Flash Lights

There is a misconception in the masses that flashlights require batteries to function. Hence, those who are energy conscious choose models which run on rechargeable batteries. But did you know the flashlight can run without batteries too and at an equally optimum level?

How can magnets run flashlights?

In 1830, Michael Faraday, a scientist discovered that when a magnet is passed through a coil an electrical current is induced. Based on this theory flashlights have been created which can be switched on by just shaking them.

How can magnets power the flashlights?

What happens when you shake a flashlight is that a magnet passes back and forth through a coil of wire and induces an electromotive force or an EMF which powers on the flashlight. The force created by shaking is stored in a capacitor in the flashlight and this release the energy when the device is switched on.

How can you use them?

You must shake these flashlights vigorously for three minutes at least for a full charge or a minimum of 30 seconds if the battery is not fully discharged. Once you switch on it will work till the charge diminishes and then you can repeat the shaking to charge it again.

These flashlights usually use LED bulbs which require less power.

Pros and Cons

These flashlights are hardy and can withstand abuse. They are environmentally safe. They are ideal for emergency situations where you won’t be let down by a battery out of charge.  The only disadvantage with these lights is that they use very strong magnets which must be kept away from watches, credit cards, and other magnetic materials.

If you are ever asked ‘Are tactile flashlights safe?’ or ‘Are these flashlights safe?’ the answer to both the questions will be the same – they are same but are suited for different purposes. Tactile flashlights are ideal for military use while these flashlights are better suited for hardy life in the outdoors.…

The Best Guide: Mobile Payments Technology and Contactless Payments

Mobile communication in finance is the future. When we talk about mobile payments, it is a broad range of terms under this umbrella. The true aim is to connect existing payment infrastructure with our mobile devices. There are various separate technologies that define mobile payment transactions, such as NFC, or HCE. If you have interest or stake in cryptocurrency you can visit Truly Coin to know the advances of contactless payment options in the same.

·         Host Card Emulation:

Host Card Emulation or HCE is a technology which works with Android devices. If you have a debit or credit card, HCE allows the physical card to become a virtual one that can be used through your mobile. To do this, you need an HCE compliant app which provides the interface for converting the physical card into a virtual one. Then you do not even need your cards to be able to make payments. You can simply use your mobile at any NFC enables terminal and make contactless payment. ICICI bank has an application for contactless payment called Pockets App.

·         Magnetic Secure Transmission:

MST technology works through MST enabled app, where you can save your card details. Then it simply becomes a virtual card. The best part of it is that MST works by emitting a magnetic signal from your mobile which any traditional PoS terminal magnetic strip card can read. So merchants do not even need to invest in new hardware to make it happen.

·         Near Field Communications:

Through NCF, two devices can be placed within four centimeters of each other to be able to exchange data, provided both of these devices are equipped with an NFC chip. It can be a one way or two way communication depending on the read write access.

How Technology Can Help You Lose Body Fat

Today almost all the developed nations and many of the developing countries are facing the problem of obesity or high body weight. About 70% of American citizen aged between 17 to 20 is found to be overweight.  Obesity or overweight may be described as the weight which is higher than required body weight for the given height. It can be determined by BMI or basal metabolic index.

Proper diet with exercise can help to lose body fat. Technology has opened is arm wide to help with numerous gadget which will help you in your weight loss program. These gadgets may not help you directly in losing body fat but will obliviously motivate you to exercise and track your weight.

Some of the gadgets that are popularly used for weight loss program are discussed below:

  • Smart scale:

This gadget can connect directly to Bluetooth or wifi to your smartphone, it can calculate your weight log every morning and will keep you updated about your weight loss progress.

  • Fitness tracker

This gadget may not help you directly to stay fit but will give you the motivation to say fit and active. This latest gadget counts the number of steps you walk in a day and even counts the number of reps if you are in the gym.

  • Food scale

This smart gadget helps you to calculate the daily nutrition requirement and also calculates the calorie of your food. Food is an integral part of any diet plan if it goes wrong then all your exercise will go waste.

  • Shape scale

This gadget scans the 3D image of your body and tells you whether you have lost or gained weight. It also helps to find those parts of the body which needs an extra care.

Obesity brings many health problems which can be avoided if proper diet and exercise is followed. It is always good to have close to normal or normal body weight. For more obesity-related queries please visit movomovo.…