How Virtual Reality Is Banging the Fashion Industry 2018

Sometimes we get confused as to whether we are living in reality or not and for those of you who are not confused, they find themselves splitting time between actual reality and virtual reality. It is simply amazing to discover how much closer the virtual world has brought us all closer to achieving what we want and making it big in this even bigger world. One industry that has been taken in by surprise by this wave of virtual reality is the fashion industry.

Today, the total fashion industry is estimated to be worth more than 1.2 trillion dollars, out of which 60 billion is expected to be contributed by the augmented reality and around 34 billion is the estimated value of the contributions made by the virtual reality, which is really big.

  • One of the biggest segments that are contributing to the fashion world’s virtual reality is the virtual retail stores. Brands like ASOS and Alibaba have already set foot in this virtual reality only to taste success.
  • Virtual reality has also reduced the dependence of shoppers on physical showrooms and is encouraging people to shop based on actually figuring out what would suit them best. This is saving a lot of time and making the whole experience a lot more comfortable.
  • Many fashion labels are becoming viral for their online purchases. In addition, the virtual reality is encouraging top designers like Iris Van Herpen to display their designs online using 3D.
  • Today brands such as Channel, Topshop, and Tommy Hilfiger have started hosting their own virtual runway shows, which are turning out to be a huge success.
  • Moreover, several brands are now opting for sophisticated virtual methods to showcase their fashion ensemble using technologies like Shopify Thread Studio and Google Tilt Brush. The Shopify Thread Studio is the first of its kind that literally transports you to a completely different photo studio that is fully virtual and allows users to simply upload designs and then dress them up on mannequins to showcase an American Apparel. On the other hand, the Google Tilt Brush allows users to paint real-life images in 3D using different brush strokes, lights, stars, and fire, which makes it quite simple to visualize replica YSL bags on yourself using this software.
  • Additionally, techniques like 3D printing and laser cutting are on the rise in the fashion world today.
  • A few other opportunities for the virtual reality to take the fashion industry by a storm include VR clothing – Subpac, user-created avatar clothing, teleportation, etc.

Hence, just sit back and enjoy the joy ride to the fashion world.

How Modern Technology Is Changing the Construction Industry

Technology has touched every field in this world. There is no knowing what the world would be if not for technological advancements. The same goes for the construction industry. From haystacks to tents, to proper cemented houses and multi-story buildings, technology has changed the face of the construction industry. Today, anything is possible if you have the right resources. You can even construct a home or office in the remotest corner of the world. Technology is that powerful when it comes to construction and so here is look at how it is being done.

  1. Better Equipment – With advanced and cutting-edge technology, construction is made easy with the help of new and improved tools and machines that have made the construction process easier and faster. You can get any kind of tool based on the requirement in the market. You just need to know what. For instance, check out to know why and how to buy a circular saw.
  2. Computer Designs – The construction industry has had a major facelift with the introduction of graphics and design software, which makes construction, 3D designing and virtual tours a lot easier. It also enhances visualization and perfects every detail ensuring that the project is in par or exceeds expectations.
  3. Drones – Another technical advancement that is finding use in the construction industry are the drones. From land surveying, photographing, transferring of materials to site audits and measuring completion status, drones are being used extensively in the construction industry.
  4. Software & Apps – Just as in most industries, you can find several useful software and applications that help the people involved in the construction industry. This is the most visible role of technology in the construction industry. You can keep track of the progress, communicate between different teams, coordinate among the workers on-site, make informed decisions, compile data, and more using specific software and apps. All this, in turn, increase productivity and efficiency.

Top 5 Things You Need to Know About Fintech

Fintech is nothing but the amalgamation of finance and technology. This is a killer combination because most of the technology applications are focused on improving the revenue. And to track the revenue, finances in general, technology is indispensable. For all the latest information on fintech and investments visit

Fintech is the topic of the hour

Fintech is something that is being actively spoken about, around the world. There are many ways in which technology is influencing the finance sector, for good. There are many permanent changes being instilled in the processes.

Fintech is all about customer convenience

Most of the changes that technology is bringing to the finance sector are to improve customer experience. ATMs were first considered to be novel inventions to make money withdrawal easy. But even the ATM queues are inconvenient and this is why online payments and fund transfers were introduced.

Banks would still continue to exist

Banks would still be relevant in the age of Fintech advancements. The role of the banks would shift however and the channels through which the banks operate would be different too. Banking would become simpler, quicker and more convenient for the busy users.

Making money the easier way

Fintech has given us plenty of ways to make money. Making money online without even stepping out of the home is now a reality. Adding value to the much-ignored things is something that characterizes the use of technology in finance.

Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain

These are the two terms that almost everyone around the world must have uttered at least once in the recent years. Cryptocurrencies revolutionized digital currency systems by introducing a security like no other.

Every form of technology should be backed up by a robust strategy that can improve the stability and the security in the system. The wise use of technology and the right mix of conventional methods is the key to attaining a stable yet convenient system.…

3 Ways Technologies that Influence Drug Testing

Obviously, the technology has both positive and negative impacts on drug testing. As having drugs will not be accepted in any office, the technology has given a way to escape from the positive result by taking detox drink. This drink will make the hair follicles to escape from the metabolic changes happening when taking drugs. But this will last only for some time and later it will not work out. So, the persons take this as an advantage and started taking drugs and also the detox drink whenever needed. To make the detox drink to work on our body, we must take a lot of water and fresh juices. Because it contains fructose, red 40, citrus acid and other concentrated chemicals which will damage our body cells and also affect the metabolism. So it is always better to avoid taking all these drinks to get escaped from the drug testing.

Hair testing is one of the technologies which influenced the drug testing. Because the drugs initially get into the hair follicles and so when the hair testing is done, we can easily find whether the person has taken any drugs or not. A sample of hair nearly from the scalp will be taken and it will be sent fro the testing. The technology has really made a few impacts on drug testing and this is really a great development in the technology world.

This testing is very easy for the testers in the laboratory as it is an alternative solution to the urine and blood samples test. A negative result can be easily found within 24 hours and in case if the result is positive, it will take some three or four days. This is really a positive thing when we want a safer and healthy work environment. Payspi is the famous clinic which performs this type of drug testing and the people who undergo this testing has increased so much due to the positive impact.…

Top 5 Tech Solutions Revolutionizing The Finance Department

The development of incredible innovation has altered each industry from the activity level to its infrastructure, making fresh difficulties, and bringing inconspicuous chances. As indicated by a report, it is assumed that by next year almost two billion individuals would utilize internet banking to monitor their expenditure, exchanging cash, planning, and exchange.

Here are a few different methods that demonstrate how innovation has changed the financial sector.

It’s Virtual Now

Gone are the times when money related establishments and banks anchored each and every bit of their physical information. Presently, banking institutions have electronic payments, automated tellers, computerized records, and considerably more. This anchored information can be transferred to any side of the globe with only a tap on the screen.

The requirement for IT in the Industry

IT in the money related administrations industry is similarly as fundamental as some other. The cell phone applications are rapidly turning into the greatest resource in the financial business with the expansion in the utilization of cell phone banking and internet banking. Hence having a spry IT group is to a great degree urgent to any money related establishment’s achievement in this innovation-driven world.


Presently, banking institutions can work far and wide. They can transfer any sort of data anyplace, whenever. Recently, as new budgetary companies have developed, they can lead their business all inclusive.

Information Encryption

Due to eavesdropping, security has turned into the greatest worry for budgetary firms. Prior, before innovation assumed control, just individuals in control rooms had to be stressed over security concerns. Presently, it’s totally extraordinary. Money related firms have fortified the IT group and security methods as they need to guarantee their security is sufficiently solid to obstruct the cyber criminal’s endeavors.


Tech organizations have created imaginative answers to enable buyers to settle on better-educated choices by creating the money related part more straightforward. Customers would now be able to utilize uncommon programming or site devices to transfer monetary data to check out coins on binance.

Top Reasons Why Your Customers Are Uninstalling Your App

Applications are made after lots of research and investigation. A considerable measure of arranging goes into making an application. Likewise, different tests are directed for due perseverance on marketing agency Glasgow.

How about we take a gander at the explanations behind applications being uninstalled and factors that will be helpful to support your application’s execution

Technical Concerns

An application that consumes time to download or crashes time after time will be promptly uninstalled as it might ruin the gadget too. This age needs all the data immediately and when an application does not satisfy this necessity it will rapidly proceed onward to another. Subsequently, test your application prior to propelling and continue estimating its execution intermittently.

Easy to understand

Versatile application engineers in some cases might go beyond the edge in exhibiting their ability by making complex plans where the client does not have prepared access to the data and needs to go hunting down it. In case the client finds the application confounding, they uninstall the application. So its best to keep it basic and easy to understand.


Many cell phone clients will have numerous applications on their gadget which will involve a great deal of their space. Thus the measure of the application truly matters and the clients will erase unused applications to attain some space. Consider compacting pictures for lessening the size.

Security Concerns

Applications request a wide range of authorizations before establishment. This might not be loved by a lot of clients and they might need to leave the application right away. So while propelling another application, stick to authorizations that are essential for the application as it were.

Troublesome Sign-up

Clients don’t prefer to experience a long and dreary registering process. Subsequently, it is better to enable them to enroll through Facebook or Google account. Applications ought to have a simple and fast enlistment procedure or the clients will undoubtedly abandon them.

Taking input from clients can likewise be helpful in making opportune remedies and moves up to the application.…

6 Business Technology Trends For 2018

Business technology is getting better each day. It is interesting to know of some of the trends in business technology in the year 2018

Enterprise technology consolidation

Successful companies have consolidated the disconnected enterprises which were many in number,  go here thevoiphub. They have made it more centralized and have streamlined the process. This helps to improve the insight and increase the agility of the business. It also helps to promote sharing of data across various departments and this increases the business pace.

TheBlockchain technology

Blockchain has risen both in value and in popularity and this year saw a rapid expansion in the sphere. Companies have accepted it and also become very familiar with its uses. The blockchain is an accounting system and it is indestructible and this makes it difficult to tamper it or forge it.

Internet of things

Many are using the internet of things and this helps to gather valuable information and creates an environment that is self-learning. This improves the efficiency and increases productivity and helps to save on cost.

Cloud migration

Cloud computing is a major trend and businesses are migrating into it. The companies are weighing the security and the data of the privacy risks and are adopting this technology. Companies use the cloud to store data and they are now sure that all the security measures are in place.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is now in demand and is able to respond to the customer’s and it can also predict what the customers’ needs are. Artificial intelligence will soon find uses in mining to determine the patterns and will also help to promote machine learning.

Artificial intelligence is a reality in the enterprise

Artificial intelligence is being used in business applications and it helps to make the real-time insights and predictive analysis available to many companies. The artificial intelligence will get better with more historical data.