Top 10 Everyday Car Technologies That Came From Racing

It is thrilling to watch a Formula One or a NASCAR and many people still live under the impression that professional racing is different from everyday car driving. They are far from the truth because the technology used in racing cars is very relevant in the everyday car driving.

  1. Our daily cars too have a feature of automatic transmission where the car does not need manual input from the driver when shifting gears.
  2. Timing is key to racing and therefore all the race cars come with push-button ignition where with the touch of a button the car starts and this feature is present in several regular cars nowadays.
  3. To maintain stability the racing cars, have individual suspension while the regular cars do not have the same type of suspensions or for the same purpose their origin is the same,
  4. The groves on the tires whether shallow or deep have their base in racing car technology where the grooves are designed to maintain greater contact between the tires and the ground.
  5. The braking technology in both the cars is the same; the material used in race cars is different because in racing the brakes are applied at 200 miles per hour and that will generate a lot of heat.
  6. Everyday cars need air vents for maximum engine efficiency just like racing cars. Only certain cars have extras in the form of superchargers that ensure that the engine remains cool and works at optimum.
  7. Dual overhead camshafts are valves that open and close rapidly to cool the engine fast and help it work at optimum. This technology has been derived from racing cars.
  8. The aerodynamic shapes of racing cars are emulated by modern day cars to reduce air resistance and increase the speed of the vehicle.
  9. Race cars use carbon fiber for its lightness and strength and an everyday car is venturing into using this material but the production costs are high.
  10. The safety features in the everyday car are now at par with those in racing cars which are built to protect the driver in case of high-speed impact.

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A Complete Guide: How To Set Up A Kid-Safe Computer

Nowadays the majority of the specialists concurs that protecting our children while on the web isn’t simply an issue of showing a couple of straightforward principles and confiding in them to use sound judgment. As guardians, we have to find a way to ensure them to utilize kid-friendly sites like

Here are a couple of tips on the most proficient method to set up a child safe PC in your home.

Place the PC in an open area in your house.

Indeed, even as your youngster turns out to be more autonomous on the PC, it is imperative that you can keep checking what they are searching for, and it is substantially less demanding in case you are in the equivalent physical zone. More grown-up youth are substantially less liable to see improper substance or take part in hazardous web conduct if a guardian is watching out for them. The family area is an incredible zone to place the PC.

Introduce parental controls on the PC.

Parental control programming can complete various diverse aspects, for example, filter or block some channels, make note of your youngster’s web activities, which includes the sites she has checked into and the browsing history, prohibits divulging one’s individual data, empowering guardians to check from their cell phones, and much more.

Options differ contingent upon the software that is utilized. Your network access supplier is an incredible place to begin almost of them provides free programming to families.

Converse concerning your expectations.

Since you have a child benevolent PC put up, it is critical to converse with your kid concerning your standards and desires. Observing children’s web movement is the obligation of a guardian and, to keep it from upsetting their loyalty, we should be forthright concerning the way we are viewing and the reason why. Your objective isn’t to attack their individual privacy requirements, however, to guard them well.

7 Biggest Tech Shopping Myths

It is heartening to get coupons on couponobox and buy stuff for a relatively lower price and save money. But did you know you can save on electronics if you look beyond the several myths surrounding the sale of electronics? Here we debunk few of the technology related shopping myths.

Myth 1.  Apple Store has never sales.

This is true to some extent but you can avail a student discount of up to $200 on iMac and $20 on iPad when you buy it for your children.  This is a scheme launched by Apple as an education discount for students.

Myth 2:  Gaming PCs can empty all your savings

A majority of the expense in gaming PC goes to cooling effects and specs that enhance the gaming experience. When you can build your own machine, you can get it for less than $500.

Myth 3: Macs don’t get infected

 It is a wrong notion that antivirus for Mac is a waste because in reality that is not the truth. Macs are vulnerable and you must buy an antivirus, malware, and ransomware for your Mac.

Myth 4: The new buy is better than refurbished machine

This probably is the biggest myth of all. Refurbished machines undergo rigorous testing sometimes more than the new ones. When you buy from a reliable retailer you can be sure that you get a good deal at far lesser price than a new product.

Myth 5: Black Friday has the best electronic deals

Yes, the discounts on Black Friday are very attractive but they are not always the best. Browse online websites and set price alerts when the product of your choice is close to your budget.

Myth 6: Megapixels determine the quality of a smartphone camera

Megapixels alone do not decide the quality of a camera. The aperture size is more important in deciding the quality of the picture as it controls the light.

Myth 7: Online prices are the lowest

Nowadays brick and mortar shops are selling at prices that are on par with online goods and at times even cheaper. And it is more convenient to go back to the shop should there be any issue than relying on unknown online stores.

Das Ende von Snapchat: Instagram gewinnt

Es gab eine Zeit, in der Snapchat zu einem plötzlichen Zustand der Herrlichkeit Aufstieg. Es wurde so klischeehaft, dass fast jeder es benutzte. Doch mit Instagram-Geschichten änderte sich einiges. Instagram-Geschichten könnten ein relativ neues Feature sein. Aber die Art der Reaktion, die Sie in der kurzen Zeit, in der Sie existiert hat, erhalten hat, ist überwältigend. Es war so riesig, dass es viele gibt, die glauben, dass es das einzige Killer-Feature ist, das Snapchat einen Run auf sein Geld beschert hat.

Die Zahl der Nutzer erzählt die Geschichten von IG Stories

Seit der Einführung der IG Stories gibt es einen großen Unterschied in der Zahl der Nutzer, die Snapchat vs verwenden, die Instagram nutzen. Der Unterschied, über den wir hier sprechen, liegt in Millionen. Das ist die Zählung derjenigen, die täglich Social-Media-Plattformen nutzen. Die Zahl ist von Tag zu Tag anschwellen.

Die Sterne begannen wegzugehen

Der Publikum-Betrag für Snapchat ist wegen dieses neuen Trends auf Instagram aufgefallen, steil abzufallen. Natürlich, wenn die Zuschauerzahl kommt, sind die Sterne, die vor einer riesigen Reaktion auf Snapchat standen, enttäuscht worden. Das hat dazu geführt, dass mehrere der Snapchat-Stars auf andere Social-Media-Plattformen umziehen, vor allem Instagram. Als die Snapchat-Stars selbst anfingen, Ihre Präferenzen zu verschieben, haben auch Unternehmen, die nach influencer suchen, ihren Fokus verlagert. Das war ein gewaltiger Schlag für Snapchat im Hinblick auf den Zustrom von Einnahmen.

Als Marketingplattform führt Instagram nun das Rennen an. Es gibt viele, die Social Media als Geld machen, das Marketingplattformen und Plattformen macht, auf denen Menschen nach Mehr infos statt nur als soziale Kanäle suchen, die Menschen verbinden. Die Effektivität bei der Rückgabe von Renditen für eine Marketingkampagne ist also etwas, das einen Social-Media-Kanal in Zukunft wirklich bereit macht und in diesem Aspekt hinkt Snapchat hinterher.…