3 Ways Technologies that Influence Drug Testing

Obviously, the technology has both positive and negative impacts on drug testing. As having drugs will not be accepted in any office, the technology has given a way to escape from the positive result by taking detox drink. This drink will make the hair follicles to escape from the metabolic changes happening when taking drugs. But this will last only for some time and later it will not work out. So, the persons take this as an advantage and started taking drugs and also the detox drink whenever needed. To make the detox drink to work on our body, we must take a lot of water and fresh juices. Because it contains fructose, red 40, citrus acid and other concentrated chemicals which will damage our body cells and also affect the metabolism. So it is always better to avoid taking all these drinks to get escaped from the drug testing.

Hair testing is one of the technologies which influenced the drug testing. Because the drugs initially get into the hair follicles and so when the hair testing is done, we can easily find whether the person has taken any drugs or not. A sample of hair nearly from the scalp will be taken and it will be sent fro the testing. The technology has really made a few impacts on drug testing and this is really a great development in the technology world.

This testing is very easy for the testers in the laboratory as it is an alternative solution to the urine and blood samples test. A negative result can be easily found within 24 hours and in case if the result is positive, it will take some three or four days. This is really a positive thing when we want a safer and healthy work environment. Payspi is the famous clinic which performs this type of drug testing and the people who undergo this testing has increased so much due to the positive impact.