5 New Ways Tech Is Helping to Drive Sustainability in 2019


Technology is often seen as a boon that helps reduce human efforts in various scenarios. But the misuse of tech and even too much reliance on tech sometimes proves to be harmful to the environment in one way or the other. This is especially where there is an increase in the use of non-renewable energy. Many of the non-renewable energy applications result in the production of harmful pollutants that are bad for the environment and the living organisms as well. So how can we tackle the issue and work toward sustainability? The answer lies in technology again. Tech can be used to drive sustainability in many ways and here are a few –

  1. Going paperless with the help of digitalization is one of the most common ways in which tech helps reduce the use of paper. When the use of paper comes down it can also help bring down the need for cutting down trees for paper production. Another method is to use recycled paper made of alternative materials than tree sap.
  2. Efficient management of e-waste is now being encouraged by major tech companies. Several of the gadget manufacturers now encourage customers to send back the old gadgets that are not being used anymore to be able to reduce the amount of electronic waste that reaches the landfills.
  3. There is an increase in the number of energy efficient appliances being manufactured today. This applies even to the appliances that are commonly used in every home. The appliances use little energy while also reducing the number of harmful pollutants released into the atmosphere.
  4. Smart manufacturing plants today work on the best utilization of energy and efficient waste management in large
  5. Treatment and reuse of water are possible today and tech has resulted in a more reliable quality of output water as well.

For more information about the use of green energy and being more eco-friendly, visit climatecounts.org website.