7 Biggest Tech Shopping Myths

It is heartening to get coupons on couponobox and buy stuff for a relatively lower price and save money. But did you know you can save on electronics if you look beyond the several myths surrounding the sale of electronics? Here we debunk few of the technology related shopping myths.

Myth 1.  Apple Store has never sales.

This is true to some extent but you can avail a student discount of up to $200 on iMac and $20 on iPad when you buy it for your children.  This is a scheme launched by Apple as an education discount for students.

Myth 2:  Gaming PCs can empty all your savings

A majority of the expense in gaming PC goes to cooling effects and specs that enhance the gaming experience. When you can build your own machine, you can get it for less than $500.

Myth 3: Macs don’t get infected

 It is a wrong notion that antivirus for Mac is a waste because in reality that is not the truth. Macs are vulnerable and you must buy an antivirus, malware, and ransomware for your Mac.

Myth 4: The new buy is better than refurbished machine

This probably is the biggest myth of all. Refurbished machines undergo rigorous testing sometimes more than the new ones. When you buy from a reliable retailer you can be sure that you get a good deal at far lesser price than a new product.

Myth 5: Black Friday has the best electronic deals

Yes, the discounts on Black Friday are very attractive but they are not always the best. Browse online websites and set price alerts when the product of your choice is close to your budget.

Myth 6: Megapixels determine the quality of a smartphone camera

Megapixels alone do not decide the quality of a camera. The aperture size is more important in deciding the quality of the picture as it controls the light.

Myth 7: Online prices are the lowest

Nowadays brick and mortar shops are selling at prices that are on par with online goods and at times even cheaper. And it is more convenient to go back to the shop should there be any issue than relying on unknown online stores.