How Your Smartphone Is Making Your Dog Depressed

Technology is part of our lives in some way or other. We are connected to the world with a click of a button. Though all these changes are making our lives easier, there are some drawbacks too. We all use our gadgets like smartphones, laptops, and computers, sometimes without realizing how much time we are spending on it. Technology has bought all of us closer, but it is also making is lonely. Research shows many people spend a significant amount of their everyday time on their smartphones browsing the internet. This is affecting their social well being, people prefer staying alone at home instead of going out. This is not only affecting the person using the Smartphone but also people around them and even the pets. Your pets need a cozy and warm house full of love, healthy food and a little bit of attention. People bring their pet’s fancy food, modern amenities like Anti Chew Dog Beds, superior dog houses but sometimes forget to spend time with them, instead prefer browsing on their phones.

A study shows that continuous use of smartphones is making your dog anxious and depressed.  This study says that their brain reacts the same way when their owners ignore them.  A dog is a social animal, they love to spend time with their human family where they interact with them or play with them, but because of the increased use of smartphones, the owners of the pets are finding less time to spend with their pets.

Spending quality time with your pets without any distraction is equally important to spending time with your partner and your family, without which the pets might feel neglected, leading to depression.

Pets and especially dogs need physical activity to stay fit and strong. Walking with your pets will not only help the pets to stay fit but will also lift up their mood. It will help to create a strong bond between you and your pet. So if you want your pet to grow happier and healthier, ditch the Smartphone and spend time with your pet.…