How Tech Helps Racing Yachts Sail Faster Than The Wind

Are you the ones mesmerized by the wind-speed of the racing yachts of America’s Cup? Then, you are not alone! The speed of these yachts that beat the speed of the wind never fails to impress everyone but, at the same time, it isn’t magical as you think! No, the enormous energy here wasn’t produced magically to defy the second law of Newton, as all that has been done here is only harnessing more than one form of wind, as stated by Steve Collie, the aerodynamic engineer for New Zealand’s Emirates Team! Or, in other words, these yachts rely on the better means of the technology that has helped all such racing boats to sail faster than the wind, impressively!

  • Solid wing

Instead of a billowing sail, the racing yachts, these days, come with a solid wing that improves the speed of the yachts, sometimes, even dangerously, as they are capable of ‘catching’ huge amounts of the wind! This solid wing is usually made up of the carbon fiber material, and the size of it is similar to the wing size of the Boeing 747 airplanes!

  • Hydrofoiling

To improve the speed of the yachts, the concept of foiling plays the major part! In order to improve the foiling part, there has to be the decreased effect of dragging that results in 10-15 percent increase in the speed! It is what these hydrofoils of the racing yachts do, where, the wing-like foils that are mounted beneath the hull, pushes the hull up and out of the water, as soon as the yacht increases the speed to minimize the wetting that results in decreased dragging and improved speed that is even capable of defying the speed of the wind!

So, it isn’t magic but, physics and technology that define the wind-speed of these racing yachts and to buy one of this kind or more visit!