How Virtual Reality Is Banging the Fashion Industry 2018

Sometimes we get confused as to whether we are living in reality or not and for those of you who are not confused, they find themselves splitting time between actual reality and virtual reality. It is simply amazing to discover how much closer the virtual world has brought us all closer to achieving what we want and making it big in this even bigger world. One industry that has been taken in by surprise by this wave of virtual reality is the fashion industry.

Today, the total fashion industry is estimated to be worth more than 1.2 trillion dollars, out of which 60 billion is expected to be contributed by the augmented reality and around 34 billion is the estimated value of the contributions made by the virtual reality, which is really big.

  • One of the biggest segments that are contributing to the fashion world’s virtual reality is the virtual retail stores. Brands like ASOS and Alibaba have already set foot in this virtual reality only to taste success.
  • Virtual reality has also reduced the dependence of shoppers on physical showrooms and is encouraging people to shop based on actually figuring out what would suit them best. This is saving a lot of time and making the whole experience a lot more comfortable.
  • Many fashion labels are becoming viral for their online purchases. In addition, the virtual reality is encouraging top designers like Iris Van Herpen to display their designs online using 3D.
  • Today brands such as Channel, Topshop, and Tommy Hilfiger have started hosting their own virtual runway shows, which are turning out to be a huge success.
  • Moreover, several brands are now opting for sophisticated virtual methods to showcase their fashion ensemble using technologies like Shopify Thread Studio and Google Tilt Brush. The Shopify Thread Studio is the first of its kind that literally transports you to a completely different photo studio that is fully virtual and allows users to simply upload designs and then dress them up on mannequins to showcase an American Apparel. On the other hand, the Google Tilt Brush allows users to paint real-life images in 3D using different brush strokes, lights, stars, and fire, which makes it quite simple to visualize replica YSL bags on yourself using this software.
  • Additionally, techniques like 3D printing and laser cutting are on the rise in the fashion world today.
  • A few other opportunities for the virtual reality to take the fashion industry by a storm include VR clothing – Subpac, user-created avatar clothing, teleportation, etc.

Hence, just sit back and enjoy the joy ride to the fashion world.